Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday I Found the Nintendo!


This came with a keyboard (which we still have) and was my first piano teacher.

This was hiding on the same shelf as the Nintendo. A board game based on a video game? WTF?

I remember this. It was somewhat fun in 1988... but this was before the internet.

I would be remiss to display this old tape of one of my favorite cartoon shows when I wasn't playing the Nintendo

Folk Fest 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Rubin Trip

My cousins, Sally Rubenstone and Rich Rubin

Jake and Sally

Rich and Jake

Jess Rubin, Josie and Jake

Extreme Close Up of Karen Rubin and Jake

Karen and Josie. Vicki, the retriever/setter, is probably behind the photographer.

Rich at work at Florentine Films

Exterior of editing house of Florentine films. Unlike any studio I've ever been in.

At first i thought they were ponchos until it was explained that the founder gets invited to speak to MANY colleges.

The Cabin behind the main office building of Florentine. It was in this cabin that the first film, "Brooklyn Bridge," was edited on an old-fashioned Steenbeck. Ken was 27. He started the film at age 24.